urge surfing worksheet

Surf Your Urge Worksheet: An Unyielding 8-Tier Swell

Surf Your Urge Worksheet…DBT skills in distress tolerance No, it’s not about donning your spiffy wetsuit and hitting the ocean to catch some gnarly waves. But surprise, surprise – you’re still surfing! Dialectical Behavior Therapy’s (DBT) “Urge Surfing” is a technique used to navigate and master the gnarly waves of our unruly desires and urges. … Read More

exposure response prevention

Exposure And Response Prevention: Break The Avoidance-Cycle

Exposure And Response Prevention… Are you white-knuckling your way through sobriety? Do you want to get drunk but feel too embarrassed to share it? Do you think you know it all and think the advice of your peers is moronic and unhelpful? Well, my friend, you need a dose of humility and if experience has … Read More