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The Three Principles (The Life-Changing Building Blocks)

The Three Principles of Health Realization…the inside-out revolution! I recently stumbled upon the works of theosopher, Syd Banks.  THE WORKS OF SYDNEY BANKS ==> The Missing Link: Reflections on Philosophy and Spirit  ==> The Enlightened Gardner ==> Second Chance My initial opinion of the philosophy … Read More

Toltec Wisdom: Don Miguel Ruiz On ABSOLUTE Freedom

Toltec Wisdom…the power of a new agreement! If there was ever a passage that dramatically altered my perspective, it was in the chapter titled Breaking Old Agreements in Don Miguel Ruiz’s classic The Four Agreements. A good author will make you self-reflect, but a great … Read More

How To Stop The Blame Game: The 3 C’s Of Determinism

Stop The Blame Game…The Power Of Choice  Obviously the nature of this type of article assumes you have the power of choice. Actually, it not only presupposes it’s existence, it argues it’s the most powerful force within your arsenal if not in the entire world.  … Read More

Schema-Focused Therapy: Paradigm Shifts & Revolutions

Schema-Focused Therapy, Life Recovery, And More… I recently stumbled upon the topic of psychological schemas, it was completely incidental yet yielded extraordinary relevance to life recovery and beyond. Before I begin I’d like to provide a brief definition of schemas and then transition into precisely … Read More

20 Revolutionary Carl Jung Quotes

Who Is C.G. Jung? “Carl Jung, in full Carl Gustav Jung, (born July 26, 1875, Kesswil, Switzerland—died June 6, 1961, Küsnacht), Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist who founded analytic psychology, in some aspects a response to Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis. Jung proposed and developed the concepts of the extraverted and the … Read More

30 Life-Changing Epictetus Quotes

Who Is Epictetus? “A Greek philosopher of 1st and early 2nd centuries C.E., and an exponent of Stoic ethics notable for the consistency and power of his ethical thought and for effective methods of teaching. Epictetus’s chief concerns are with integrity, self-management, and personal freedom, which he … Read More