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Today’s your day.

Hi, I’m Tim.

I help people to stop drinking or whatever their fancy may be, to stay stopped, and discover a newfound excitement for the life they lead.

I Trust That You’re Ready, But Let’s Verify

Are you dog-tired of feeling hungover?

Are you bone-weary of the dishonesty and the never-ending rationalizations and damaged relationships?

The good old soon-to-be-sober mantra, “Tomorrow will be the day I quit!”

Moreover, despite all of this are you only able to muster the strength to hit the sobriety snooze button?

Been there, don’t that! 

That state of mind is about as pleasant as a shit sandwich. 

I call the anxious apprehension “persistent-gut-wrenching-impending-doomism.” And damn, does it suck.

Fortunately, you’re right where you need to be.

I coach people who want to take a break from the sauce but anxiously loathe the idea of missing out or feeling deprived.

I show them how to have fun, relax and be confident without an artificially altered state of mind… and I can help you too.

Quitting doesn’t have to be this tough, damn near impossible thing. 

SOBERTOSTAY stands by Rule 62, which is code in many recovery circles for “don’t take yourself too damn seriously!”

I can show you how to quit without getting all worked up in frenzy and torturing yourself.

You can definitely get sober by going to meetings, labeling yourself an alcoholic, and being in permanent recovery. 

If that’s your bag, SOBERTOSTAY has a great deal to offer. 

This basecamp can provide excellent supplementary material in your journey.


I’m an advocate of the ‘wrong way.’

What works for some may not work for others. Dogma is simply inappropriate here.

Rather, you need the right tools – the right guide. 

I prefer holism.

This means that sobriety is the sum total of all it’s parts.

Makes sense, no? 

Its the theory that parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole, or cannot be understood without reference to the whole, which is thus regarded as greater than the sum of its parts. treating of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

We drink for a reason

For some folks it’s spiritual or emotional, for others it’s social, mental, or psychological, and for others, it’s just habitual and nothing more. 

Finding that specific reason is key to unlocking the door to your alcohol-free life.

Trust me, I know what it’s like to feel trapped, to feel stuck.

For years I was desperate to change my lifestyle, but not only viewed life as bleak without booze and drugs but didn’t really think it was possible to quit and also be happy. 

I was certain it was one of those ‘cant have your cake and eat it too’ situations. 

Drinking was my go-to coping skills for everything: relaxing, confidence, socializing, having an overall quality life.

It was great when it worked.

That is, until it didn’t. 

I always drank more than I intended. 

Always took things too far and woke up with regret, dim memories of the previous evening, and a pinch of self-loathing. 

Then of course there was the guilt. The steady barrage of self-condemnation for failing to be disciplined and having a more robust will.

You know the story. 

I’d promise to myself I would only have one, but then guzzle down fifteen in rapid succession.

I convinced myself of the most egregious and outlandish bullshit.

“Just one more” said the shoddy con-man that lived between my ears.

The drinking never ended nor did the torment.

Well folks, I took my last drink and drug in November 2010.

To say my life has changed dramatically is the understatement of the century. 

For starters, I now experience sincere unadulterated joy for perhaps the first time ever. 

Moreover, I’m 30x healthier.

Do I miss it? Never. 

I’m satisfied with my life. 

What could I possibly add to that satisfaction with a drink? Nothing. 

I still attend bars and parties and all the other stuff I did prior to my sobriety.

The difference is that it is no longer artificial but genuine good times. 

Also, I can actually remember everything the next day! 

Living sober has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Period.

Why give up everything for one thing when you can give up one thing for everything?

We only get one life. 

Don’t let alcohol or whatever it may be hold you back.

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Listen, if I can do this I’m certain anybody can. 

I don’t have some super-duper brain power or magical elixir. Don’t believe me? I got booted from my sixth-grade spelling bee in the first round for spelling vanilla with an “F”! 

I’ve just uncovered a host of techniques and strategies that have worked for me and countless others. 

They’re not even original. Rather, I’ve just studied and rigorously employed and tested these ideas in my life and the lives of others and found what works and what doesn’t. 

This Is How You Should Proceed…

If you’re drinking regularly (or whatever habit besets you), and you always use more than you intended to, or if your life is miserable, or if you feel stuck and bogged down by it, then you owe it to yourself to be freed from this nonsense and learn to live sober. 

If you need medical care prior to taking a break from the drink then please consult a physician. Do not be reckless, that attitude is not compatible with the new lifestyle you’re building. 

What I recommend you do is experience and explore living sober. 

***If you have any questions regarding how to start, particularly if you think you might need medical assistance don’t hesitate to reach out and I can direct you to the proper level of care***

Try to take a break for a few weeks, maybe even a month or two. 

Take this sober car out on the road and give it a test drive, get a feel for it. This little test can really determine where you stand physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually (PIES). 

Give yourself a chance, some room to breathe before you make any radical decisions.

However, if you would really like to forge a new life-style for yourself, free from the chains of alcohol and drugs, SoberToStay is here to assist you in this process. 

SoberToStay is a sobriety basecamp. 

In remote locations, mountaineers will set up a “base camp”, which is an area used for staging attempts at nearby summits. 

Base camps are positioned to be relatively safe from harsh terrain and weather. 

Moreover, they usually supply provisions and the necessary gear to continue the climb. 

SoberToStay positions itself as a basecamp by providing:

  • A Safe Community
  • Premier Coaching
  • An Intensive Self-Paced Course

What makes us different….

In our opinion levity and laughter are key components to successful life change. 

Transformation with only serious overtones leads to existential absurdity. 

Have some dang fun!

Secondly, we don’t subscribe to the one size fits all, dogmatic, and rigid mumbo jumbo. 

We are acutely aware that a more dynamic and eclectic approach to wellness and life change is necessary.

This is particularly true if it is to reach the brilliantly nuanced dimensions of the human personality. 

That means we are going to be talking about philosophies, religions, theologies, psychology, etc.

We aren’t even shy about broaching organized religions in unorganized ways!

Whether it’s through our one-on-one coaching, our six-week intensive courses, our powerfully kick-ass community, our wacky opinionated often nonsensical blog, or through our inspirational quotes and art, the goal is to get you motivated, moving, and philosophizing – or something like that – and to radically change your life. 

Happy Travels,

Tim & the SoberToStay team.

P.S. If you’d like to immediately dive in head first, go below and grab your copy of my free e-book The Sober Survival Guide, for some no-nonsense tips and tricks to help you stay on track and break down the initial barriers that plague early sobriety.

P.P.S. Thanks for stopping by, you can do this!

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