dysfunctional communication worksheet

Mending the Fences: Dysfunctional Communication Worksheet

Dysfunctional Communication: The Basics In any human interaction, effective communication stands as the cornerstone of success. Unfortunately, not every exchange follows a smooth and productive path. Bad and dysfunctional communication can breed misunderstanding, resentment, and even complete breakdowns in relationships both personal and professional. Understanding Dysfunctional Communication Dysfunctional communication occurs when the flow of information … Read More

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The KO’D Method for Managing Alcohol Cravings (Worksheet Included)

The KO’D Method…3 Tier Approach  Embarking on a journey to recovery from alcohol addiction can be filled with challenges, especially when facing persistent cravings. The KO’D Method offers a systematic and holistic approach to managing these cravings by emphasizing building knowledge, meticulous observation, and skillful discharging techniques. Let’s explore how the KO’D Method can be … Read More

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Wheel of Life Worksheet: Your Blueprint for Balanced Living

Wheel of Life Worksheet – A Mindfulness Hack The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool designed to provide a visual representation of one’s life balance and satisfaction. It operates on the concept that life is segmented into various areas, such as health, finance, personal growth, and relationships, each of which contributes to overall well-being. … Read More

values worksheet

NLP Value Elicitation: Unlocking Personal Drivers (Values Worksheet Included)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) value elicitation is a cornerstone technique used by practitioners to understand and uncover an individual’s core values. To skip the fluff and jump straight to the values worksheet, click the link below. This worksheet combines various principles from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT),  and Neurolinguistic … Read More

swot analysis

SWOT Vs. Addiction (SWOT Analysis Worksheet PDF Included!) 

Harnessing the Power of SWOT to Battle the Beast of Addiction: A Warrior’s Guide (to skip the fluff and get immediate access to the SWOT Analysis Worksheet PDF click below) Lights, camera…action! Welcome, brave warriors, to the battlefield of addiction recovery. We’ve all got our monsters to slay, dragons to tame, or in this case … Read More

urge surfing worksheet

Surf Your Urge Worksheet: An Unyielding 8-Tier Swell

Surf Your Urge Worksheet…DBT skills in distress tolerance No, it’s not about donning your spiffy wetsuit and hitting the ocean to catch some gnarly waves. But surprise, surprise – you’re still surfing! Dialectical Behavior Therapy’s (DBT) “Urge Surfing” is a technique used to navigate and master the gnarly waves of our unruly desires and urges. … Read More