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Is Alcoholics Anonymous Evidenced-Based? A Comprehensive Analysis

Is Alcoholics Anonymous Evidenced-Based? Or Tradition-Based? “Evidence-based practice (EBP) is the idea that occupational practices ought to be based on scientific evidence. While obviously desirable, the proposal has been controversial, with some arguing that results may not specialize to individuals as well as traditional practices.” In other words, a failure to truly apprehend the myriad … Read More

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(Big Book Page 552) When Resentments Evolve To Freedom

Big Book Page 522 – Freedom From Bondage Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t hedge its bets when it comes to resentments. The book goes all in. It even goes as far as to say resentments kill more alcoholics than anything, unexpectedly saying “from it stem all forms of spiritual disease.” The manner in which I envision this … Read More

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Character Defects: Is Morality The Golden Ticket To Sobriety?

Do Character Defects Suggest A Moral Failing? Critics of the Twelve Steps often bemoan the topic of character defects. Particularly pop psychologists who cringe at the thought of anything being intrinsically wrong with people. “Addiction is a brain disease!” they shout from the damn rooftops. Addicts are not responsible for their disease but for their … Read More

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AA Hopelessness: Is An Admission Of Hopelessness Harmful?

AA Hopelessness…a startling contradiction? Flip through the first few chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous and you’ll notice some contradictory material. On one page is the repeated refrain of alcoholic “hopelessness” and on the other the bold declaration that an alcoholic can be totally “recovered “ You read that right, not perpetually in recovery, nor recovering, but … Read More

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AA’s First 5 Years: Before The Big Book

(Before the Big Book) AA’s First Five Years As Luis Remembers Lois W., wife of AA’s co-founder, Bill W., recalls the time in AA when there were few members and no Big Book. In fact, she recounts the first five years before the Big Book! Copyright © AA Grapevine, Inc, January 1967 ==> Read more … Read More