a grief observed summer 4 pain changes people

Pain Changes People: Discomfort, The Spirit’s Informant

Pain Changes People: For Better Or For Worse Anger, A Mighty Ally As a culture, we tend to equate anger with abuse, aggression, or immaturity; as if it is synonymous with either power and intrigue or lack of control and emotional instability. I throw up my hands in surrender. Why must feel-good emotions be “good” … Read More

Emotional Fortitude

Emotional Fortitude During Anxious Times (Surviving Covid-19)

Emotional Fortitude & A Total Cluster*ck. Emotionally disconnected.Depressively unattached. Yet, somehow inspired.  Odd how that works.  I turn on the news and the sensationalism is worse than Shaq’s jump shot, which fosters a general distrust of the media. Maybe it’s the uncertainty of it all that is driving me up the wall. Human beings suck with … Read More