the truth about addiction recovery (1)

8 Sober Myths (The One’s That Matter): Wake The F*ck Up

The fact that life seems dull without drugs and alcohol is a testament to the idiocracy of our culture. That line of reasoning takes the cake in terms of sober myths. It’s no accident that the Marlboro man was cool. It’s certainly no coincidence that beer commercials always consist of people having the time of … Read More

Emotional Fortitude

Emotional Fortitude During Anxious Times (Surviving Covid-19)

Emotional Fortitude & A Total Cluster*ck. Emotionally disconnected.Depressively unattached. Yet, somehow inspired.  Odd how that works.  I turn on the news and the sensationalism is worse than Shaq’s jump shot, which fosters a general distrust of the media. Maybe it’s the uncertainty of it all that is driving me up the wall. Human beings suck with … Read More