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What Is Smart Recovery? The Ultimate A.A. Alternative (2021)

What Is SMART Recovery…Are We Talking Einstein Smart? SMART stands for Self Management and Recovery Training. As “self-management” implies this program presupposes no God; therefore, those who oppose theistic programs will find no qualms here. Moreover, it can easily be reconciled with a theistic worldview so it’s accessible to most. It works as a 12-Step … Read More

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Smart Recovery Handbook: What Principle Underlies Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Smart Recovery Handbook – The ABC Crash Course All Dysfunction Is A Result Of Flawed Presuppositions Presuppositions, as a necessary precondition for knowledge, have always fascinated me. When in my early twenties I was first introduced to Cornelius Van Til and his celebrated presuppositional apologetics my brain practically burned out at the synapses. Like the … Read More