What Is Powerlessness? A Loaded Religious Term!

Understanding Powerlessness…where to start? What is powerlessness…just what does this mean? In contemporary culture, the concept is the opposite of success, prosperity, and mental health. However, within the 12-step framework is the concept properly understood? The Straw Man – Fallacious Reasoning Often when something is argued against, the opposition merely creates a straw man, which … Read More

step one aa worksheet

What Is Powerlessness? A Staggering Admission (Step One Worksheet Included)

Alcoholics Anonymous, more casually known as A.A., is built upon a simple set of 12 steps in order to achieve daily sobriety.  “Daily” is a keyword in the system because it sets out to construct a new lifestyle in the individual. A lifestyle that is not compatible with addiction. The admission of powerlessness is the … Read More