The Principle To Congruence

Embracing Imperfection: Be Yourself & Free Yourself

Embracing Imperfection & The Predictability Of Values It’s time to face the music, people are ridiculously predictable. It’s our nature. As the old adage rightfully declares, “human beings are creatures of habit.”  It rains and we mumble and grumble in our artificial caves. The sun breaks and we run to its rays like a bathing … Read More

social interest

3 Tips To Increasing Social Interest (Decimate Your Avoidance Lifestyle)

The higher the social interest, the lower the anxiety and depression. What is social interest? Below are 3 tips to expedite the process and rocket your social interest into a different damn dimension of existence.  Tip 1. Understanding The Confrontation This is one of those mind-benders, you know, one of those hip-out-of-joint conceptual wrestling matches … Read More