SWOT Vs. Addiction (SWOT Analysis Worksheet PDF Included!) 

Harnessing the Power of SWOT to Battle the Beast of Addiction: A Warrior’s Guide (to skip the fluff and get immediate access to the SWOT Analysis Worksheet PDF click below)

Lights, camera…action! Welcome, brave warriors, to the battlefield of addiction recovery.

We’ve all got our monsters to slay, dragons to tame, or in this case – addictions to defy.

Today, let’s explore the unexpected but powerful tool in our arsenal: The SWOT Analysis! Yes, you’ve read that right. No, don’t hit the back button just yet. I promise it’s not as dull as it sounds!

a SWOT analysis worksheet SWOT Analysis Worksheet PDF

Swinging the S-W-O-T Sword Against Addiction

Strengths (aka “Superpowers”): As your faithful squire, I’m here to tell you that you’re downright fabulous! Yep, I see that eye roll…but hear me out. Everyone has strengths or ‘superpowers’ that can aid in their recovery journey. Perhaps you possess unwavering determination (“once gave up coffee for a whole week, can do it again!”) or an incredible support circle (“My granny’s brownies can solve everything!”). Identifying these strengths provides much-needed hope and motivation.

Weaknesses (or “Kryptonite”): Looking at our weaknesses can be as appealing as finding a tarantula in your shoe, but remember, this is about making us stronger. Is the local bar your Achilles heel? Maybe late-night Netflix binges open a portal to the snack world? By pinpointing these ‘kryptonites’, we can devise contingencies – like wearing shoes to avoid spiders, or in our case, leaving granny’s brownies behind!

Opportunities (a.k.a “Secret Doors”): Ever re-watched a scene in a movie and spotted a secret door you’d never noticed before? That’s precisely what we’re trying to do here. Maybe there’s a fitness class you’ve been postponing, a new hobby you’ve planned to start or a talk therapy group. Identifying these opportunities often feels like finding those secret doors. Voila! We’re already halfway there.

Threats (or “Fire-Breathing Dragons”): These are the external factors that could sidetrack your journey to recovery. Naysayers? Boo! Social events with alcohol everywhere? Eek! Identifying these threats helps prepare us to slay these ‘dragons’ when they appear. Suit up, folks!

SWOT as a Map, Not the Territory!

Remember folks, a SWOT analysis is like a treasure map, not the territory itself. It won’t wave its magical wand and bid your problems farewell. But it will arm you with a better understanding of yourself and your surroundings. As the philosopher Sun Tzu once said (FYI, this guy literally wrote the book on strategy), “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” 

Let’s give a royal salute to a sober, healthier life. Keep your SWOT sword ready and march on! In the realm of addiction recovery, you’re the knight in shining armor, the damsel who rescues herself, and the victorious dragon slayer. Time to heed the call to adventure. Onwards!

And as they say in the realms of role-playing games, “May your rolls be high and your recovery epic!” 

Stay tuned for more tools and strategies, because every good warrior knows the importance of a well-stocked arsenal.


SWOT Analysis (Pearce II & Robinson, 2007). Yes, our sword indeed has a mighty lineage!

The Art of War (Sun Tzu, circa 500 B.C.), subtitled “Ancient Treatise on Military Strategy”. A must-read before you ride out into the battle that is recovery!