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Open Mindedness And Recovery: Investigate, Identify, & Initiate

The Open Mindedness and Recovery thought experiment…  Imagine a friend telling you about this remarkable, damn near fictional, utopian city. He states the case, rather persuasively, and insists you must move in post-haste. In his defense, the enthusiasm of his persistence parallels his claims. “It’s perfect in every way,” he states, “it’s a quintessential combination … Read More

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What Is the Link Between Depression and Substance Abuse (2023)

Research has established that substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health disorders often co-occur. That means a person suffering from substance abuse is more likely to have a mental health disorder and vice versa. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about half the people with mental illnesses have a substance use disorder. The … Read More

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10 Signs You’re Addicted and Need Professional Help

10 Signs You’re Addicted and Need Professional Help Now The National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that over 35.5 million American adults struggled with a substance abuse disorder in 2021. Since then, that number has only gone up, with addiction having a detrimental effect on people’s quality of life, relationships, and health. And … Read More

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Importance of Wellness in Recovery (8 Tiers of Sobriety)

Wellness in Recovery…breaking addiction is multifactorial. Quitting your drug of choice (drug of preference is probably a better term, “choice” isn’t a big part of addiction) is one of the most difficult yet challenging parts of your life. It requires a lot of commitment and willpower on the front end. Imagine a rocket blasting off … Read More

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(Big Book Page 552) When Resentments Evolve To Freedom

Big Book Page 522 – Freedom From Bondage Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t hedge its bets when it comes to resentments. The book goes all in. It even goes as far as to say resentments kill more alcoholics than anything, unexpectedly saying “from it stem all forms of spiritual disease.” The manner in which I envision this … Read More

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7 Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Benefits of Exercise in addiction recovery…can it benefit you? If you left the craziness of addiction behind and are actively trying to forge a healthier and more holistic lifestyle then this article is for you. Why? Because you are ready to courageously live your life to the fullest and this entails the spirit, the mind, … Read More