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The Low Down: The 12 Steps and Therapy

Introduction: A Birds Eye View of The 12 Steps and Therapy Addiction recovery is a complex journey that demands a multifaceted treatment approach to address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of dependency. Among the vast array of methods available, the 12-step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and various forms of therapy hold prominent … Read More

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Mending the Fences: Dysfunctional Communication Worksheet

Dysfunctional Communication: The Basics In any human interaction, effective communication stands as the cornerstone of success. Unfortunately, not every exchange follows a smooth and productive path. Bad and dysfunctional communication can breed misunderstanding, resentment, and even complete breakdowns in relationships both personal and professional. Understanding Dysfunctional Communication Dysfunctional communication occurs when the flow of information … Read More

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The KO’D Method for Managing Alcohol Cravings (Worksheet Included)

The KO’D Method…3 Tier Approach for Managing Alcohol Cravings Embarking on a journey to recovery from alcohol addiction can be filled with challenges, especially when facing persistent cravings. The KO’D Method offers a systematic and holistic approach to managing these cravings by emphasizing building knowledge, meticulous observation, and skillful discharging techniques. Let’s explore how the KO’D … Read More

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Polyvagal Theory and Addiction Recovery: Unveiling the Role of the Nervous System

Polyvagal Theory and Addiction Recovery: Origins Addiction recovery is a complex journey influenced not only by an individual’s psychological makeup but also by their physiological experiences. Polyvagal theory has emerged as a significant framework, shedding light on how the nervous system’s role can underpin the challenges of overcoming addiction. Introduced by Dr. Stephen Porges, this … Read More

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What is Narrative Therapy? Advantageous For Those In Recovery?

What Is Narrative Therapy…An Introduction Narrative therapy is a form of psychotherapy that centers on the stories we tell about our lives. It posits that our identities are shaped by the narratives we develop over time, narratives that are influenced by our interactions and the meanings we ascribe to them. This therapeutic approach encourages us … Read More