A Survival Guide For The New Counselor: Jargon, Models, and Food for Thought

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The Survival Guide for the New Counselor: Jargon, Models, and Food for Thought (Drug and Alcohol Edition) is an essential resource specifically designed for those beginning their journey as counselors in the substance abuse and addiction field.

The book offers a comprehensive introduction to the specialized language, or jargon, that professionals use in this area of mental health. It aims to provide newcomers with a firm understanding of various treatment models, evidence-based practices, and therapeutic approaches tailored to individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

The guide also delves into ‘food for thought,’ prompting counselors to engage in self-reflection and consider the ethical, practical, and personal dimensions of addiction counseling. This content is intended to support new professionals in developing a compassionate, effective practice while navigating the challenges and nuances of the field.

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