what does the bible say about addiction

What Does The Bible Say About Addiction? (Addictions A Banquet In The Grave)

What Does The Bible Say About Addiction? an abundance! “Addiction is bondage to the rule of a substance, activity, or state of mind, which then becomes the center of life, defending itself from the truth so that even bad consequences don’t bring repentance, and leading to further estrangement from God.” This is the Biblical definition … Read More

the 3 principles

The Three Principles (The Life-Changing Building Blocks)

The Three Principles of Health Realization…the inside-out revolution! I recently stumbled upon the works of theosopher, Syd Banks.  THE WORKS OF SYDNEY BANKS ==> The Missing Link: Reflections on Philosophy and Spirit  ==> The Enlightened Gardner ==> Second Chance My initial opinion of the philosophy Syd pitched was that the core concepts failed to reek … Read More

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AA Meeting Makers Make It: Fact or Fiction?

Meeting Makers That Only Make Meetings Don’t Make It I’m sure we’ve all heard the so-called ironclad recommendations: Heck, it even made it on the cover of an AA Grapevine issue with the bold proclamation, “Do Drink and Go to Meetings!” Are Meetings The Same As The Program? I remember my first meeting lucidly.  I … Read More

jungian spirituality

Jungian Spirituality: The Archetypal Journey Towards The Integrated Self

Jungian Spirituality…What Humpty Dumpty Taught Us About Language & The Parameters Of “The Self” The following excerpt is taken from Lewis Carol’s “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.” It’s a wonderful example of how our conceptual self is tied to words that are anchored in culture – the main point (sort of?) of this article. “There’s glory … Read More