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live for yourself 5 Benefits of Exercise in addiction recovery

7 Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Benefits of Exercise in addiction recovery…can it benefit you? If you left the craziness of addiction behind and are actively trying to forge a healthier and more holistic lifestyle then this article is for you. Why? Because you are ready to courageously live your life to the fullest and this entails the spirit, the mind, … Read More

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The Recovery Process (Recovery Capital Required)

The Recovery Process Is Saturated With Grace If you’re reading this you’re familiar with suffering in one form or another. I know this to be a fact by virtue of your humanity. Mental illness, personality disorders, alcohol and drug addiction, impulsive self-destructive behaviors, codependency, and the rest of the post-Eden comrades. Am I speaking your … Read More

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Is There a Difference Between a Sober House and a Halfway House?

Sober Homes Versus Halfway Homes Halfway houses and various sober living alternatives provide an invaluable if not necessary transitional housing option for people in recovery. As a drug and alcohol counselor for many years, one of the most misunderstood concepts is levels of care. To understand the precise difference between sober living and a halfway … Read More

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NVC & Emotional Freedom: Needs Vs. Strategies

Needs Vs. Strategies First Step to Emotional Freedom: take 100% responsibility for your feelings. Needs & Their Relationship to Thoughts/Emotions One core assumption of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is that basic needs exist that are universal to all human beings. Needs are universal values that drive all of our actions as human beings. They include anything … Read More

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Character Defects: Is Morality The Golden Ticket To Sobriety?

Do Character Defects Suggest A Moral Failing? Critics of the Twelve Steps often bemoan the topic of character defects. Particularly pop psychologists who cringe at the thought of anything being intrinsically wrong with people. “Addiction is a brain disease!” they shout from the damn rooftops. Addicts are not responsible for their disease but for their … Read More