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A Summary of Internal Family Systems Therapy: Your Inner Voices Host a Party (Worksheets Included)

A Summary of Internal Family Systems: A Theater Production Diving into the world of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy can be quite an engaging journey. Picture it as a theater production in which you’re both the star and the director. IFS helps address and resolve emotional wounds by understanding the conflicting “parts” within a person. … Read More

mind over mood worksheet

How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood (Mind Over Mood Worksheet)

How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood? Recognize It’s Transient Nothing lasts forever. Be it good or bad, the only thing we can say for sure is that our mental state will change. Just reflect on your own experience. It testifies to this truth. Imagine you’re angry because you’re running late to work. Subsequently, … Read More

CBA Worksheet

CBT Cost Benefit Analysis Worksheet: A 5-Point Process (PDF Included)

CBT Cost Benefit Analysis Worksheet: A Brief Introduction A Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic technique used to help individuals evaluate the pros and cons of behavioral change. To put it in simple terms, it measures the costs or disadvantages of a behavior against its benefits or advantages. The … Read More

intellect over emotion (3)

Intellect Over Emotion I/E (Intellectual Mediation Worksheet Included)

Intellect Over Emotion: Why Not Let Spock Command the USS Emotionprise? Dear, blogosphere space travelers! You’ve just beamed aboard the starship ‘Psychology,’ on a voyage through the fascinating cosmos of the human psyche. Today, we are navigating to the depths of something we’re all too familiar with: our emotions. Grab your Vulcan ears and stick … Read More

cognitive distortions CBT Clear Away Your misunderstanding

The #1 Cognitive Distortions Worksheet (PDF & Powerful Results Included!)

Cognitive Distortions Worksheet: A Brief Overview Cognitive distortions are patterns of thinking that can skew our perception and interpretation of reality. These distortions can lead to negative emotions, and destructive behaviors, as well as colossal damage to your relationships. Understanding cognitive distortions is an important aspect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a therapeutic approach aimed … Read More

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural Intelligence Worksheet: In The Workplace & Beyond!

Cultural Intelligence Worksheet: A Complete Guide Ahem! Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between lend me your ears… Or rather, your eyes – because, well, you’re reading this. I’m your friendly curious scribbler, armed with my jazzy skills to put some light – and a few laughs, of course – on a topic that’s no longer … Read More