the four absolutes

The Four Absolutes: The Original Principles Of A.A.

The Constancy Of Principles In this day and age of fictions, a fixity in a transcendent sense appears not only naive but unwelcome. Oddly enough, when equal yet competing truth claims coexist the idea of absolutes causes unease; precipitating even hatred and violence. The abounding western narrative presents relativity absolutely… ironically vitiating its own position … Read More

the 12 and 12

The 12 Steps And 12 Traditions: Is Faith Required?

Do We Ever Operate Without Faith? It should be immediately stated that faith is a requirement for everything. It’s amazing how much we take for granted and just assume to be true. For starters, how many of you – yes you, my dubious reader – have test drove a car? Took it right off the … Read More

12 Step Daily Meditations 

The Best 12 Step Daily Meditations (Top 5)

Daily Reflections Theme: Recovery, Unity, and Service. A.A.’s authorized daily devotional..a quick quip each day usually accompanied by a REFLECTED upon excerpt from another piece of conference-approved A.A. literature. The layout is elementary and so is the reading and comprehension level – it holds to the “keep it simple” standard of the fellowship. Why is … Read More