aa slogans

7 AA Slogans (Superficial Sobriety Shibboleths)

AA Slogans…just superficial sobriety blabber? Pardon the awful alcoholic alliteration…damn I did it again! Slogans, cigarettes, and coffee – that’s what Alcoholics Anonymous does!  The newcomer is bombarded with a bunch of steps, traditions, and concepts not to mention all the names of people they meet. Then, upon breaking from their shameful navel-gazing they look … Read More

emotional sobriety the power of connection

Alcoholics Anonymous & The Power Of Connection

The Power Of Connection…step one is acknowledging the disconnection Step One: We Admitted We Were Powerless Over Alcohol – That Our Lives Had Become Unmanageable It’s funny. Every time I find someone wrestling with Step One it invariably has to do with these two concepts: powerlessness and/or unmanageability.   Moreover, the average “in-the-rooms” authoritative voice tends … Read More

athiest 12 steps

Atheist 12 Steps: Drastically Effective & Fruitful?

Atheist 12 Steps…can they work for you if you’re an unbeliever? A large number of atheists venture into the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous on a daily basis.  Just like everyone else, they are desperate and dying from addiction.  The disease doesn’t discriminate, regardless of personal worldview, philosophical commitments, or creed.  But will the 12 Steps … Read More

third step prayer

Third Step Prayer AA: An Unbeatable Mental Shift

Third Step Prayer AA…a make or break opportunity The Third Step Prayer is the watershed moment for many in recovery.  It’s either the foundation for a new way of living or superficially evaluated, professed, and never carried out. Why? Because it’s hard. A radical new of life comes with a set of demands that few … Read More