the four absolutes

The Four Absolutes: The Original Principles Of A.A.

The Constancy Of Principles In this day and age of fictions, a fixity in a transcendent sense appears not only naive but unwelcome. Oddly enough, when equal yet competing truth claims coexist the idea of absolutes causes unease; precipitating even hatred and violence. The abounding western narrative presents relativity absolutely… ironically vitiating its own position … Read More

the 12 and 12

The 12 Steps And 12 Traditions: Is Faith Required?

Do We Ever Operate Without Faith? It should be immediately stated that faith is a requirement for everything. It’s amazing how much we take for granted and just assume to be true. For starters, how many of you – yes you, my dubious reader – have test drove a car? Took it right off the … Read More

12 Step Daily Meditations 

The Best 12 Step Daily Meditations (Top 5)

Daily Reflections Theme: Recovery, Unity, and Service. A.A.’s authorized daily devotional..a quick quip each day usually accompanied by a REFLECTED upon excerpt from another piece of conference-approved A.A. literature. The layout is elementary and so is the reading and comprehension level – it holds to the “keep it simple” standard of the fellowship. Why is … Read More

sobriety books

5 Must Read Sobriety Books [For The 12-Step Newcomer]

5 Must Read Sobriety Books: Is More Than The Basic Text Necessary? Let’s face it, the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is the catalyst for newcomer confusion, especially with its archaic language and anecdotes only applicable to folks born in the early twentieth century. Some of the original members of A.A. even claimed to not … Read More