catholic in recovery

Catholic In Recovery: The 12-Step Golden Books

What Golden Books? Unbeknownst to me, most folks in A.A. have never heard of the Golden Books. Of course, I’m basing this conclusion inductively from a small representative, nonetheless the lack of online chatter and in the rooms blabber is enough supporting evidence. So What? Who Cares? I do believe the fellowship has limited itself … Read More

the power of now summary

The Power Of Now Summary: 3 Essential Lessons

Eckhart Tolle can be a laborious read – maybe because he’s so other-worldly or because the subject is difficult to communicate. Either way, it would seem a boot camp it necessary just to successfully tackle and comprehend his work. Below I’ve extracted 3 essential lessons from his books and created a simple and easy to … Read More

12 Step Daily Meditations 

The Best 12 Step Daily Meditations (Top 5)

Daily Reflections Theme: Recovery, Unity, and Service. A.A.’s authorized daily devotional..a quick quip each day usually accompanied by a REFLECTED upon excerpt from another piece of conference-approved A.A. literature. The layout is elementary and so is the reading and comprehension level – it holds to the “keep it simple” standard of the fellowship. Why is … Read More