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Why Can’t I Just Have One Drink? The Cold Hard Truth

Why Can’t I Just Have One Drink? Let’s break this down… If you’re asking this question regarding your drinking habits you’re already in over your head For example, if the clever Narcotics Anonymous slogan, “One is too many and a thousand is never enough,” punches you square in the heart chakra, there is likely no … Read More

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15 Cognitive Distortions (The Best Way To Mess Up Your Afternoon)

Cognitive Distortions…the noonday devil Control fallacies, overgeneralization, and global labeling are a few of the more popular ways human beings mess up their afternoon.  What are these infamous bugaboos?   The all too common cognitive distortions that destroy your goals and well-being.  If you want to know where all your negative thinking is coming from, look … Read More