approval addiction

Approval Addiction: The Productivity & Praise Pattern

Approval Addiction: Humble Beginnings If we are real with ourselves we must admit that we groomed at a very young age for approval. The approval isn’t some unconditional acclaim lavished upon our supple minds. Instead, it’s contingent upon performance. This seems innocent enough. It’s bare bones cause and effect. The cause is a killer cartwheel … Read More

the cycle of addiction

The Cycle of Addiction: The Stages of the Spiral

The Cycle of Addiction…identify the pitfalls Addiction brings a stigma with it that is quite unfair. Most often, addiction is perceived as one drink or drug use that snowballed into addiction. However, the reality of addiction is much more complex than that. Instead of a big snowball that seems pretty cut and dry, it’s more … Read More

early sobriety and anxiety

Early Sobriety and Anxiety: Overcoming the Initial Struggles

Early Sobriety And Anxiety Are Two Peas in a Pod Early sobriety is a critical period for individuals recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, as it often comes with feelings of fatigue, anxiety, or depression. During this time, individuals also encounter sobriety triggers, which are people, places, and things that instigate the desire to use … Read More

20230311 111722 0000 Open Mindedness And Recovery

Open Mindedness And Recovery: Investigate, Identify, & Initiate

The Open Mindedness and Recovery thought experiment…  Imagine a friend telling you about this remarkable, damn near fictional, utopian city. He states the case, rather persuasively, and insists you must move in post-haste. In his defense, the enthusiasm of his persistence parallels his claims. “It’s perfect in every way,” he states, “it’s a quintessential combination … Read More

wellness in recovery

Importance of Wellness in Recovery (8 Tiers of Sobriety)

Wellness in Recovery…breaking addiction is multifactorial. Quitting your drug of choice (drug of preference is probably a better term, “choice” isn’t a big part of addiction) is one of the most difficult yet challenging parts of your life. It requires a lot of commitment and willpower on the front end. Imagine a rocket blasting off … Read More

recovery capital

Recovery Is A Dynamic 4-Fold Process (Recovery Capital Required)

The Recovery Process Is Saturated With Grace (& Recovery Capital) If you’re reading this you’re familiar with suffering in one form or another. I know this to be a fact by virtue of your humanity. Mental illness, personality disorders, alcohol and drug addiction, impulsive self-destructive behaviors, codependency, and the rest of the post-Eden comrades. Am … Read More