stages of relapse

The 10 Stages of Relapse: How To Catch It Before It Starts

Stages Of Relapse – What To Expect Statistics suck. Why? Because they’re grim. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recorded 40% to 50% of people in recovery relapse and require further medical attention.  I’d argue this number is a lot higher – addicts aren’t the best at conveying accurate and honest information. If we are … Read More

cross addiction and cross dependence

What Does Cross Addiction And Cross Dependence Mean? The Truth Is Underwhelming!

What Does Cross Addiction And Cross Dependence Mean? Cross addiction and cross dependence are the same thing. The terms are 100% interchangeable.  Yet, in my opinion, there is a reason behind the variation.  It appears it would be the drug companies that favored the term “dependence. Think about it, it’s easier to pedal pharmaceuticals without … Read More

life after rehab

(2021) LIFE AFTER REHAB: What To Expect & How To Handle It

Life After Rehab: The Post Rehab Facts Learn the critical components that help you stay sober after addiction treatment. One of the most startling revelations of being a drug and alcohol counselor is the appalling lack of urgency in the clientele. The fact that this surprised me was also in fact surprising.  Having been a … Read More

drinking culture 3 refusal skills for alcohol

How To Deal With Alcohol Cravings (8 Methods To Survive The Surge)

The Ultimate Alcohol Cravings Toolbox Do you have the habit of living your life forwards but understanding it backwards? Is hindsight always 20-20? Do you ever prepare for pitfalls?  Do you ever set up goals, outline a plan of action, and execute with precision? If you’re newly sober the chances are your answer is a … Read More

staying sober so hard 2 refusal skills for alcohol

Sobriety And Depression: Startling Facts Of Early Recovery

Can Sobriety Cause Depression? One of the best descriptions I’ve ever encountered of early sobriety is relevant here: “a steady low-level depression and a persistent gut-wrenching impending-doomism.”  Sobriety and depression are undeniably connected, particularly in early sobriety. Runs contrary to the pink cloud version often erroneously held, doesn’t it? The truth is depression, alcoholism, anxiety, … Read More