whats the difference between halfway house and sober house

Is There A Difference Between Sober House and Halfway House? (2023)

Is There a Difference Between Sober House and Halfway House? Sober Homes Versus Halfway Homes Halfway houses and various sober living alternatives provide an invaluable if not necessary transitional housing option for people in recovery. As a drug and alcohol counselor for many years, one of the most misunderstood concepts is levels of care. To … Read More

porn addiction withdrawal

Experiencing Porn Addiction Withdrawal: The Science Behind Quitting Porn (2022)

Porn Addiction Withdrawl…the truth behind it! Porn withdrawal is real. If it weren’t, the habit could be easily cast aside. Why the hell does your body produce chemicals that create fatigue, irritability, brain fog, and radical discomfort every time you quit? Because you’re in withdrawal! The pleasure from the addiction was so immense that your … Read More

sexting addiction

Addicted To Sexting? A Crippling Biological Hook (2021)

Addicted To Sexting…what is it? It’s not uncommon to go out to a local restaurant and see 10 people sitting at a table all interacting with their phones instead of one another. It’s bizarre, but a harsh reality.  The most recent statistic states that 81% of Americans are smartphone owners. I can only assume the … Read More

20210526 183407 0000 gabapentin and alcohol

Mixing Gabapentin and Alcohol: Side Effects and Dangers

Gabapentin and Alcohol…what is the difference? Gabapentin has long been used as a drug to treat seizures and convulsions. Initially, the drug was used for its antispasmodic action as an immediate treatment for convulsions. It helps in the relaxation of muscles and therefore is also used as an anti-epileptic medicine. Gabapentin works in conjunction with … Read More

stages of recovery

The Stages Of Recovery (6 Stages of Change For Any Behavior!)

The Stages Of Recovery – where to begin? Recovery demands an overhaul.  Not just in behavior and thought, but the whole belief system.  We can simplify by calling it a total change of lifestyle. At any rate, whatever we choose to call it, it’s intimidating. This is particularly true for an addict contemplating a day … Read More

stages of relapse

The 10 Stages of Relapse: How To Catch It Before It Starts

Stages Of Relapse – What To Expect Statistics suck. Why? Because they’re grim. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recorded 40% to 50% of people in recovery relapse and require further medical attention.  I’d argue this number is a lot higher – addicts aren’t the best at conveying accurate and honest information. If we are … Read More