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The Three Principles (The Life-Changing Building Blocks)

The Three Principles of Health Realization…the inside-out revolution! I recently stumbled upon the works of theosopher, Syd Banks.  THE WORKS OF SYDNEY BANKS ==> The Missing Link: Reflections on Philosophy and Spirit  ==> The Enlightened Gardner ==> Second Chance My initial opinion of the philosophy Syd pitched was that the core concepts failed to reek … Read More

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Schema-Focused Therapy: Paradigm Shifts & Revolutions

Schema-Focused Therapy, Life Recovery, And More… I recently stumbled upon the topic of psychological schemas, it was completely incidental yet yielded extraordinary relevance to life recovery and beyond. Before I begin I’d like to provide a brief definition of schemas and then transition into precisely how I arrived upon this subject.   Schema: a cognitive framework … Read More

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Smart Recovery Handbook: What Principle Underlies Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Smart Recovery Handbook – The ABC Crash Course All Dysfunction Is A Result Of Flawed Presuppositions Presuppositions, as a necessary precondition for knowledge, have always fascinated me. When in my early twenties I was first introduced to Cornelius Van Til and his celebrated presuppositional apologetics my brain practically burned out at the synapses. Like the … Read More