Howdy folks!

Thanks for stopping by the e-Recoveryreview basecamp. It’s an honor to be of some assistance and guidance with you and your personal journey towards wellness and life recovery. 

For starters, in our opinion levity and laughter are key components to successful life change. Transformation with only serious overtones leads to existential absurdity. Have some dang fun!

Secondly, we don’t subscribe to the one size fits all, dogmatic and rigid mumbo jumbo. We are acutely aware that a more dynamic and eclectic approach to wellness and life change is necessary if it is to reach the brilliantly nuanced dimensions of the human personality. 

That means we are going to be talking about philosophies, religions, theologies, psychology etc. We aren’t even shy about broaching organized religions in unorganized ways!

And lastly, this site was originally designed with addicts specifically in mind. It has since grown to include any and all those venturing towards total transformation (or partial if that’s your bag), but addiction recovery will always be near and dear to our hearts.

The purpose of this site is as already noted, to act as a basecamp of sorts to support you in your life-recovery journey. Whether it’s through our wacky opinionated often nonsensical yet pucky blog, or through our poetry, or maybe even an inspirational quote or two, the goal is to get you motivated, moving, and philosophizing – or something like that.  

Happy Travels,

The e-Recoveryreview Team

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