humility 2 Signs Of Humility

First Things First AA: Take Your Recovery To The Next Level

First Things First AA: You Are Your Starting Point The whole concept of understanding one’s starting point (presuppositions) – that which is taken for granted when comprehending the world around us – has been twisting my arm, seemingly enslaving my attention against my will. A PRESUPPOSITION is an implicit assumption that makes a belief system … Read More

a grief observed summer 3 Signs Of Humility

Refusal Skills For Alcohol: The Tools You Need To Say No & Mean It!

Why You Need Refusal Skills For Alcohol If you’re reading this it’s safe to assume you: If you’re honest with yourself, alcohol is inescapable. Avoiding it for a time is not only prudent but doable. However, eventually, you’ll face the siren and she will most certainly call from her rocks (obscure reference to Greek mythology, … Read More

a grief observed summer 4 Signs Of Humility

Pain Changes People: Discomfort, The Spirit’s Informant

Pain Changes People: For Better Or For Worse Anger, A Mighty Ally As a culture, we tend to equate anger with abuse, aggression, or immaturity; as if it is synonymous with either power and intrigue or lack of control and emotional instability. I throw up my hands in surrender. Why must feel-good emotions be “good” … Read More