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Sobriety And Depression: Startling Facts Of Early Recovery

Can Sobriety Cause Depression? One of the best descriptions I’ve ever encountered of early sobriety is relevant here: “a steady low-level depression and a persistent gut-wrenching impending-doomism.”  Sobriety and depression are undeniably connected, particularly in early sobriety. Runs contrary to the pink cloud version often erroneously held, doesn’t it? The truth is depression, alcoholism, anxiety, … Read More

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Can An Alcoholic Become A Social Drinker? The Devastating Truth

The sober path is chosen due to a variety of factors. Some folks decide to stop because of financial strain, emotional turmoil, or failing physical health. For others, they just don’t like how alcohol makes them feel, it’s simply run its course. However, there is a subset of this population that quitting becomes an absolute … Read More