whats the difference between halfway house and sober house

Is There A Difference Between Sober House and Halfway House? (2023)

Is There a Difference Between Sober House and Halfway House? Sober Homes Versus Halfway Homes Halfway houses and various sober living alternatives provide an invaluable if not necessary transitional housing option for people in recovery. As a drug and alcohol counselor for many years, one of the most misunderstood concepts is levels of care. To … Read More

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Mixing Gabapentin and Alcohol: Side Effects and Dangers

Gabapentin and Alcohol…what is the difference? Gabapentin has long been used as a drug to treat seizures and convulsions. Initially, the drug was used for its antispasmodic action as an immediate treatment for convulsions. It helps in the relaxation of muscles and therefore is also used as an anti-epileptic medicine. Gabapentin works in conjunction with … Read More

hijacked brain

The Hijacked Brain Theory: Addiction Is Not A Disease Because…

The Hijacked Brain… The doctor walks in. Head burrowed to his chest, meticulously scanning the diagnosis before him. Perturbed, he seemingly stares at the file as if it were staring back. Equally bewildered, the awaiting patient nervously inquires, “C’mon, already!” The doctor making immediate and sharp eye contact promptly replies, “I’m sorry, but this cannot … Read More

cross addiction and cross dependence

What Does Cross Addiction And Cross Dependence Mean? The Truth Is Underwhelming!

What Does Cross Addiction And Cross Dependence Mean? Cross addiction and cross dependence are the same thing. The terms are 100% interchangeable.  Yet, in my opinion, there is a reason behind the variation.  It appears it would be the drug companies that favored the term “dependence. Think about it, it’s easier to pedal pharmaceuticals without … Read More

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Refusal Skills For Alcohol: The Tools You Need To Say No & Mean It!

Why You Need Refusal Skills For Alcohol If you’re reading this it’s safe to assume you: If you’re honest with yourself, alcohol is inescapable. Avoiding it for a time is not only prudent but doable. However, eventually, you’ll face the siren and she will most certainly call from her rocks (obscure reference to Greek mythology, … Read More