Functioning Alcoholism

Functioning Alcoholism: The Signs, The Facts, and the Way Out

Functioning Alcoholism…what is it? Functioning alcoholism. The great oxymoron of our time. It’s a phrase waltzing precariously on the thin line between amusingly ironic and just plain tragic. This fable is as bitter as whiskey and as ironic as a pub without beer. It’s the proverbial “Functional Alcoholic,” a creature we’ve either all heard rumors … Read More

travel for rehab

10 Benefits of Traveling for Drug Rehab

Traveling For Drug Rehab…Is It Worth It? Drug addiction can be a debilitating and life-altering condition affecting millions of individuals and their loved ones. Overcoming addiction requires a comprehensive treatment approach that includes therapy, support, and lifestyle changes. Drug rehab can be the first step toward a successful recovery, but choosing the right rehab center … Read More

signs you're addicted

10 Signs You’re Addicted and Need Professional Help

10 Signs You’re Addicted and Need Professional Help Now The National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that over 35.5 million American adults struggled with a substance abuse disorder in 2021. Since then, that number has only gone up, with addiction having a detrimental effect on people’s quality of life, relationships, and health. And … Read More

live for yourself 5 Benefits of Exercise in addiction recovery

7 Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Benefits of Exercise in addiction recovery…can it benefit you? If you left the craziness of addiction behind and are actively trying to forge a healthier and more holistic lifestyle then this article is for you. Why? Because you are ready to courageously live your life to the fullest and this entails the spirit, the mind, … Read More

whats the difference between halfway house and sober house

Is There A Difference Between Sober House and Halfway House? (2023)

Is There a Difference Between Sober House and Halfway House? Sober Homes Versus Halfway Homes Halfway houses and various sober living alternatives provide an invaluable if not necessary transitional housing option for people in recovery. As a drug and alcohol counselor for many years, one of the most misunderstood concepts is levels of care. To … Read More

porn addiction withdrawal

Experiencing Porn Addiction Withdrawal: The Science Behind Quitting Porn (2022)

Porn Addiction Withdrawl…the truth behind it! Porn withdrawal is real. If it weren’t, the habit could be easily cast aside. Why the hell does your body produce chemicals that create fatigue, irritability, brain fog, and radical discomfort every time you quit? Because you’re in withdrawal! The pleasure from the addiction was so immense that your … Read More